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Family Courts in Crisis newsletters exposes the systematic, extensive and ‘knowing’ failure of judicial systems to protect victims of domestic abuse. It also explores the legal implications of this failure under human rights law.

Family Courts in Crisis Newsletter|English 5/13-7/14



Dear Journalist, Activists & Human Rights Advocates,

Family Courts in Crisis (FCC) newsletter was started a year ago, and is the culmination of more than 6 years of research into the problems victims of domestic violence (DV) are encountering within the courts in Europe, North America, and Australia.

February – June 2014 newsletters cover an extremely important (but often over-looked) problem within family court & judicial systems; widespread & rampant corruption. Corruption (or rather abuses of power) within the courts & legal profession is as much a taboo subject as is domestic violence (or rather abuses of power within the family).

These problems are inter-related and co-dependent and why it is important to examine the link between judicial corruption and organized crime (recognizing the high correlation between abusive personalities and criminal personalities) as well as judicial corruption & human rights violations.

Historically, human rights violations, and crimes against humanity, have been maintained by judicial systems and the legal profession, which are at liberty to ‘interpret’ legal statutes & principles; reminding that even the most heinous dictators have sought, and found, justification for their actions through the courts.

Challenging judicial prerogative and legal abuse is vital in combating discrimination against women and the more general problem of covering-up for domestic abuse within the courts and by judicial actors.

Best regards,

Quenby Wilcox

PS. Regrettably, due to time restraints, after March 2014 FCC newsletters are only available in English.



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