You only have to tune into a news channel these days to hear how we are ‘winning’ the ‘War on Terror’ — just before another bomb goes off, or some kid opens fire on a slew of people in another mass-shooting. Then, speculations run rampant in the news, while authorities determine whether this was a “terrorist” attack, or just some kid “run amuck” — with the criteria used rather vague and arbitrary.

What few people, and even less ‘authorities’, are realizing is that the profile and upbringings of these mass-murders are always chillingly the same. While some use religious or political rhetoric to justify their actions, and others are labeled “as having suffered from psychological problems” (whatever that means), when the press and ‘authorities’ start digging into the murderer’s past, the stories of dysfunctional and/or violent childhoods are always omni-present.

What I hope people might realize in visiting this website is that until ‘those in power’ really, truly get serious about combating domestic abuse, their ‘War on Terror’ will never be won. Not only are they fighting a losing battle against ‘Terror’, but the true ‘Enemy’ (the ‘Enemy Within’) continues to grow; getting stronger and stronger every day, and will eventually engulf us all. (See my blog Terrorism Around the World:The War Within).

This is why, after much reflection, I have decided to call this website and my campaign for action, the ‘War on Domestic Terrorism’.

This war will not be won with weapons, nor words, nor empty promises, it will only be won by ACTION.

ACTION, not only by governments who for decades have been making speech after speech, and empty promise after empty promise, with death tolls mounting, and societies sinking deeper and deeper into social, economic, and political decay. But, also action by people everywhere in denouncing and challenging derogatory-sexist remarks, bullying, amoral and illegal behavior, insults and disrespect, as well as physical, sexual & emotional violence wherever it occurs; in addition to denouncing the actions of those who encourage this type of behavior — particularly the actions, and omissions of actions, of public authorities who have a legal obligation to act.

Abusers, abuse because they are empowered by the silence of those around them. And, as long as government agencies are covering-up for the continual negligence and malpractice of court officials in these cases, abusers will be at total liberty to continue torturing, maiming, and at time murdering their victims.

As stated by the United Nations in Ending Impunity for Violence against Women and Girls (2007) “The acceptance of violence against women and girls — either explicitly or tacitly — creates a culture of impunity, which perpetuates that violence. When the State fails to hold perpetrators accountable, it contributes to a culture of impunity in which justice is denied and the roots of gender inequality grow deeper. Abuses continue, violence against women and girls is normalized and accepted, and inequality is reinforced, creating a vicious cycle.”

In addition to visiting the ‘video libraries’ in this website, I encourage you to visit my posts where you will find additional videos as well as my correspondence, which challenge the inaction and apathy of government officials on both sides of the Atlantic.

Thank you for your time and interest, and I hope you will encourage your friends and colleagues to visit my site, passing along the information to their friends and colleagues. It is only through a collective voice from people around the world that governments will be propelled to fulfill decades of empty promises, and stop turning a blind eye to the problems before them — as politicians have an innate tendency to do.

And, finally I hope you will sign the petitions Congressional Oversight Hearings on the Failure of Family and Divorce Courts and Congressional Over-sight Hearing on US Department of State Refusal to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence Living Abroad in support of the many activists who are tirelessly working for Congressional action — challenging their typical and perpetual inaction!

Best regards,

Quenby Wilcox

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Quenby & Sons

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The reality of women who “have the courage” to speak out is not ‘assistance and help’ as VP Biden contends, but rather they are punished and silenced by the courts and the system. Until Biden and Obama, and those in power in Washington, stop turning a blind-eye to the re-victimization of women and children by the courts, speeches such as this will be nothing more than empty rhetoric and US government propaganda.


And, this is the reality about those with the rhetoric…

With our politicians and leaders all too often lacking in the following….