Housing Rights Violations & Bullying Landlords in Washington

Carol Blumenthal, Blumentahl & Cordone, 7325 Georgia Ave. Washington, DC 20012

July 15, 2016

Dear Ms. Blumenthal,

This is in response to your correspondence dated July 7, 2016, and received on July 13, 2016. In your letter you reclaim for your client, Bathsheba Philpott, the amount of $997.50 for the month of July 2016 as well as an additional $950/month for the next 11 months (total of $10,450) for a room in a group-house of 3 persons (as indicated in paragraph 7 of the lease in question), who are being over-charged for said rooms at a rate of 20+% above market value. This is why Ms. Philpott is unable to rent the other rooming space at present (and why she is illegally reclaiming $11,447.5 from me), and in the process implicating herself in attempted extortion. (This is on top of the $2040 she over-charged me, from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 for said rental property.)

In your correspondence you contend that I am jointly and severally liable for the entire sum on the lease in paragraph 1, for a total of $1900 (not $1800). Your underlying assumption and premise, which contends that a conditions in a contract is enforceable even when,

  • the fundamental conditions upon the original agreement were made, have substantially change
  • the conditions of the contract are illegal, thereby uncontractable

ARE FALSE. This is true of contract law in every “democratic” (and I use that term very loosely) country of the world.

Therefore, your contention that a landlord, and/or lease, could legally and financially “bind” two separate individuals to the financial responsibilities of another is clearly designed to oppress, and therefore illegal and unenforceable under human rights standards. Landlords rent out group homes in DC in order to optimize their rental income, as they can rent rooms to individuals for more than they can rent single-family homes. Landlords are receiving a higher rate of return on group home than single-family homes, and therefore should assume the elevated risk—particularly when it is they who set the prices, (and particularly in cases where they so over over-price their rooms, that they cannot rent them out.) This has been the case with Ms. Philpott, who has wanted the income of a group home, with none of the responsibilities of running a group home. For example, one of the “essentials” in a group home is for the landlord to install a Wi-Fi system for tenants, just like electricity, water, and gas, due to the transitory nature of the individuals living in these homes. It is the tenants in Ms. Philpott property who must contract the Wi-Fi creating issues when the tenant with the contract leaves the house.

Any clause in a contract, or jurisprudence in the USA, which would allow a landlord to financially, or legally, bind one tenant to another is clearly abusive, violates human right standards (adding to a multitude of human rights violations I have been documenting for a decade.) The contention that a landlord could “marry” two individuals, in a country which is debating same sex-marriage is absolutely ludicrous. Landlords are accorded more “rights” over their tenants than their government? This transforms citizens into peones and slaves! Common sense revolts the idea, citing Causby vs. USA.

The ability of landlords to reclaim unpaid rent from other tenants in a group home is an extremely important issue in examining human rights standard in DC, a city where group-homes are common, and where bullying and violation of rights by landlords is also very common.

Additionally, your assumption that I would be jointly and severally liable for both living spaces upstairs (when I am only occupying one), is false because the fundamental conditions which created the contractual agreement in the first place have changed. When that lease was signed there were 3 tenants within the home, with the lease in question stipulated no more than 3 tenants naming myself, Chelsea Killam, and Leila Baldo. When the two women vacated the premises, the fundamentals of the contract changed, and Ms. Philpott entered into a new contract with me, in which I would rent the larger upstairs room, but it was her unique and total responsibility to find tenants for the two other spaces in the house, as she acknowledges in the emails below, establishing a 12-month rental period, July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017. That was, and is, my agreement with Ms. Philpott. An agreement that is legally binding, and cannot be unilaterally changed by Ms. Philpott whenever she pleases, and as she often tries to do.

Your threatening and extortionistic correspondence is the first indication from Ms. Philpott that I would be in anyway be responsible for the totality of the upstairs rooms, and is a reprisal for my altercation with Ms. Philpott on July 4th. This again invalidates your contention that I would owe Ms. Philpott more money than I am already over-paying her for my room. Ms. Philpott’s contention that I would be liable for $1900/month for a room in a group-house, where the market value of that room is $730/month is not only ludicrous, it is abusive and retaliatory, and violates paragraph 22 of the lease—as well as constituting extortion. Ms. Philpott is continually unilaterally altering her agreements and terms of the lease, and a menacing lawyer letter is just another example of her bad-faith, abusive nature, and attempts to intimidate me—unsuccessfully, I might add.

  1. Retaliatory Eviction

No retaliatory action will be taken by the Landlord/Agent for any complaints made by the Tenant to any public agency, or for any lawsuit filed by the tenant against the landlord/agent or any other attempts by Tenant to enforce the terms of this Lease, or applicable laws, including membership in a tenant’s association.

The property in question is a group-home in the Fort Totten area of Washington, DC (4611 N. Capitol Street, NE), which consists of a basement apartment with a separate bathroom, kitchen, and entrance (with communal laundry area), as well as a communal upstairs living area on the ground floor, 3 rooms (2 small rooms rented as one space, and a larger room rented as other space), with a communal full bathroom for the upstairs tenants. As you can constant on paragraph 7 of the lease in question (signed in July 2015) there are two persons on said lease, myself and Chelsea Killam, with Leila Baldo the basement tenant with access to all communal living areas—with said lease stipulating 3 occupants, with only 1 occupant per “living space.”

When I began renting the “smaller” bedroom with storage room in June 2015, it was for the sum of $730/month; a fair market price for the living space in question, in the Fort Totten area. However, starting in July 2015 Ms. Philpott raised the price to $900/month for each upstairs living spaces; for a total of $1800 as indicated on the lease. (It is my understanding the basement was rented to Leila Baldo for $1200/month, until the end of June 2016, with said rent increased to $1500/month as of July 2016.)

I was aware of the exorbitant increase in Ms. Philpott’s asking price in the summer of 2015, when I began renting the room in question. However, due to rampant age discrimination in the group-housing market in the DC area, no one wants to rent to an “old lady,” even though I am more physically, and more psychologically, “fit” than anyone in “This Town.” So I am constantly obligated to pay over market prices. The amount of overt discrimination in the DC housing market, with money grubbing lawyers turning a blind-eye to it all, is incredible, and just another example of to what extent the demise of democracy in the USA is complete and total.

In April 2016 Ms. Philpott communicated to the 3 current tenants of the group-house that she would be renting out the 3-rooming spaces in the group home for $950/month per living space. See emails below. However, please note that while the upstairs rooming spaces are currently priced at $950/month, the basement apartment which has a separate entrance, private bath and kitchen is priced at $1500/month, and not at $950/month as Ms. Philpott indicates in her email. (Why Ms. Philpott lied in her emails is only a question she can answer.) This brings the total potential rental-income on the property in question to $3,400, and not $2,850 as claimed by Ms. Philpott in her April 3, 2016 email.

Please note that Willow.com rent estimate for said property is $2200/month, which if divide into 3 rental spaces comes to $733/person/month—noting that Willow.com’s estimate does not include a basement apartment with separate kitchen, and bath; elevating Ms. Philpott’s basement apartment to a rental market value of $1200. These are the prices Ms. Philpott was originally charging when she began renting the property to the first group of tenants, at market value, and why she was able to successfully rent the rooms in question.

From: Bathsheba Philpott <blphilpott@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 4:59 PM
Subject: Lease and rental agreement
To: Leila Baldo <leila.baldo@gmail.com>, Quenby Wilcox <quenbywilcox2@gmail.com>
Cc: Chelsea Killam <chelsea.killam@gmail.com>
Leila and Quenby,

I’m writing to let you know that I will continue to lease the property at 4611 North Capitol Street NE beyond your current lease period which ends on June 30th. The rent will increase slightly beginning on July 1 to $1,900 for the upstairs ($950 per room for the two large rooms) and $950 for the basement. The price to rent the entire house, assuming you’re interested will be $2,850. 

Let me know, at least 90 days prior, if you have plans to move out at the end of the current lease period or if you’re planning to stay to rent either a bedroom or the entire house. Tenancy beyond the current lease period would be for 12 months. Please note that the per bedroom price assumes 1 person in each room. 

Chelsea, As I know you’re planning to move out by the end of the lease period, please let me know the date as soon as your plans are finalized.  I will provide move-out instructions and your deposit will be returned within 45 days after your move date. 

In April of 2016, I informed Ms. Philpott that I was interested in continuing to rent an upstairs room, but was interested in the larger bedroom, rather than the small bedroom, with storage area living space, that I had previously been occupying. Ms. Philpott agreed, and in May of 2016 she began advertising for tenants for the basement apartment, as well as the 2nd upstairs living space, as indicated in her email below—thereby assuming full and total responsibility of renting said space, as had been are original agreement, which still is enforce.

From: Bathsheba Philpott <blphilpott@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 3:55 PM
Subject: Property showings
To: Quenby Wilcox <quenbywilcox2@gmail.com>, Quenby Wilcox <quenby@global-xpats.com>, Chelsea Killam <chelsea.killam@gmail.com>


Hi Quenby and Chelsea,

I will begin showing the property in May to prospective tenants due to move in on or after July 1st. I’m planning to do Saturday and/or Sunday showings to best accommodate scheduling.  

Do you two have a preferred time on Saturday or Sunday? I’ll likely start showings around 10 until about 2 or 3, but may need some flexibility.  

Best regards, 


Since Ms. Philpott put the room on the market for rent, only 2 people have replied to the advertisement and visited the house. I took time out of my busy schedule to speak at length with prospective tenants, giving good “reviews” of the neighborhood, as is my honest opinion. Fort Totten is a working class neighborhood, not luxurious, but relatively safe, with friendly people—and where I see the proof every day that the minimum wage in this country needs to be raised.

The crux of the matter with Ms. Philpott, is that due to greed, she has out-priced herself (or rather her “product”) out of the market. Ms. Philpott’s greed and illogical investing is a perfect case-study for economists, financiers and investors on how people’s greed and stupidity lead them to high-risk, high-yield “investments,” which turn into “crash-n-burn” fiascos time and time again.

If we examine the 2 options Ms. Philpott had in renting out her home to a group of 3 people, as indicated in paragraph 7 of the lease in question, it is clear that while maximizing profits at all costs with no regards for ethics, morality, or legality is very risky investing, and a poor allocation of resources for the “community” involved. In the situation Ms. Philpott has created, one living space is not being utilized—in a town with rampant homelessness, I might add.

If Ms. Philpott had rented her property at fair market value ($730/month for upstairs living spaces, and $1200/month for the basement, then her gross rental income for the 2 years would have been $63,840. However, under the present situation, where Ms. Philpott has 2 tenants at $950 and $1500, the total rental income for the year comes to $65,400—unless Ms. Philpott can find a 3rd person, who is obligated to pay the exorbitant price Ms. Philpott is asking. In the present case scenario, Ms. Philpott has assured a $1560 “additional” profit in exploiting her tenants. However, Ms. Philpott was lucky to have found a tenant for the basement apartment at the over-priced rate. If she had not found a tenant for the basement (and maintained her asking price during the entire year), rental income for the 2 years would be $47,400, and Ms. Philpott “loss” would be $16,440, with a poor allocation of resources of 2 living spaces (as opposed to the 1 at present,) as well as time and energy of Ms. Philpott in desperately trying to find tenants willing to pay above market prices.

By over-pricing her rental property, Ms. Philpott has maximized her “potential” profit, noting Ms. Philpott could increase her asking price, as much as she wants (to $1,000,000/month if the fancy took her). However, with each increase in price, she reduces the likelihood of renting her property—which in economics is called the law of supply and demand, and a concept Ms. Philpott should study.

As seen in the above scenario, high-yield is always associated with high-risk. But, as seen time and time again in history, in the long-run, high-risk investing strategies create unstable, and crash-n-burn economies and societies—with narcissistic, greed driven investors, risking not only stable growth and future profits, but their capital as well; as is the case at present. If Ms. Philpott had rented her rooms at market price, she would not have so many tenants coming and going, nor would she have such difficulties finding tenants.

For a thorough examination of all of the socio-political as well as economic issues created by rampant irresponsible investing at the micro and macro level, see my 52-part blog series Observation of a CSO Rep at the IMF/WB Spring Meetings 2016 for as well as my series of blogs for Erin Eddy regarding corruption in Arlington, VA courts, The Right to Truth the Obligation to Protect, and Universal Jurisdiction, and series for Sean Penn, in the 22-part series beginning with El Chapo, Sean Penn, and the Failed War on Drugs.)

I am very, very familiar with the erratic behavior of irresponsible investing, and the penny-wise, pound foolish greed which accompanies it—and the fiascos it creates. My ex-husband was the Director of the Treasury Department of one of the largest banks in Colombia; Banco Ganadero, subsidiary to the Spanish bank, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)—until he crashed-n-burned his career (and life) in the early 2000’s. His self-destruction since then, has culminated in my fleeing Spain, and returning to the USA after 20 years abroad; with he and his family at liberty to carry on their human trafficking and money-laundering “in peace,” and my two sons, stranded in our home in Madrid. The most disgusting is the response of our Consulates and Ambassadors playing ostrich to all of the human rights violations going on under their nose. See the table below of all of the criminal activity by lawyers in family courts in Spain, which Spanish lawyers and government are claiming occurs at a rate of 100%.

Table of Infraction Wilcox vs. USA

The ostrich-playing of governments to the rampant corruption in their courts MUST CEASE AND DESIST IMMEDIATELY. See my CEDAW case against Spain, Wilcox vs. Spain, with a synopsis of my case against the American government for their inaction in my letter to the Americans Abroad Caucus as well as my deluge of correspondence to the State Department, Congress, and White House in the past 9 years posted on www.warondomesticterrorism.com.

Wilcox vs. Spain, builds on the 2nd jurisprudence of violence against women as a human rights violation, Gonzalez Carreño vs. Spain, 2014, with the 1st VAW jurisprudence being Gonzales Lenahan vs. USA, 2011, with my background report Financing for Development (FfD): A Midsummer Night’s Dream, explaining all of the various social, political, economic issues from micro as well as a macro perspective. In the report, I also debunk and challenge much of the faulty feminist rhetoric of the past 5 decades, much of which has created the mess in family courts in the USA (as well as globally, as that rhetoric has been “exported” to other countries around the world.)

As previously stated, Ms. Philpott’s reclamation of $1900/month for a room in a group home with market value of $730/month with threats of eviction, is not only ludicrous, it is abusive, retaliatory, and in violation of US and international law (as well as the lease.)  As I explained to Ms. Philpott in her many harassing calls and emails during the past year; she had a responsibility to tell Chelsea Killam, (the second upstairs tenant) who was constantly harassing me, to leave me alone, or vacate the premises. However, during the entire year, Ms. Philpott was constantly harassing me about the harassing calls and emails she was receiving from Chelsea Killam. Ms. Philpott should have told Ms. Killam to leave her, and ME ALONE. And, if she could not control her anger over me using too much toilet paper, or an incenses she did not like, or whatever the “offensive” incident was. I was in boarding school for 5 years, had room-mates all through college, and have three siblings. Never have I seen a more neurotic, self-serving bully as Ms. Killam.  Unfortunately, Ms. Philpott’s reaction is typical of people everywhere; they empower the bullies, see my report Workplace Bullying at the IMF.

During the entire past year, Ms. Philpott was continually negligent in her duties as a landlord, in not only telling Ms. Killam to cease and desist in her bullying and harassment—under the threat of eviction—but she became complicit to the bullying of Ms. Killam with her own harassing phone calls and emails to me, with asinine “recommendations” that “Chelsea and I needed to “get along” as if we were some children she was reprimanding. Ms. Philpott’s attitude towards her tenants and property is what one would find in a boarding-house in the 1930’s, and some holy-than-thou bullying matron running the place. After the altercation on July 4th with Ms. Philpott, I told my mother “this is worse than any of the matrons at either of my boarding schools.”

The bullying of Ms. Killam during the year was so bad that I was basically a prisoner in my room. If at all possible I would avoid even using the bathroom or kitchen while Ms. Killam was in the home—never utilizing the living or dining space, always eating in my room. Ms. Philpott was aware of the situation, as well as the fact that I was preparing a case for the international courts and would be suing Ms. Killam, along with all the other bullies and other criminals which permeate family courts once the case was over.

When Ms. Killam finally vacated the property on June 30, 2016, it was like “a breath of fresh air” until Ms. Philpott and her partner started showing up at the house unannounced; entering and exiting the property at their leisure without even knocking. Then, Ms. Philpott informed me that she had contracted someone to thoroughly clean the house (on July 4th) due to the fact that the house had not been thoroughly cleaned at the commencement of the previous year’s lease. Please see the email below, noting Ms. Philpott’s abusive nature in believing she can unilaterally alter the terms of the lease agreement, from 12-months to month-to-month, at a whim. And, then transforming it back to 12-months, when she reclaims $1900/month for me, with a extortionistic letter from a lawyer. The terms of the agreement Ms. Philpott offered in her email of April 3, 2016, were accepted by me, and are the terms enforce at present.

From: Bathsheba Philpott <blphilpott@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 1:15 PM
Subject: House Cleaning Service this Monday and Other Items
To: Quenby Wilcox <quenbywilcox2@gmail.com>, Quenby Wilcox <quenby@global-xpats.com>, Matt Broaddus <215df407c42f33689ae00536e9782091@reply.craigslist.org>

Hi Quenby and Matt,

I have a cleaning company scheduled to come out this coming Monday, July 4th at 9 am to clean the main and 2nd level of the house.  I’m happy to be there to let the company into the house.  Let me know ASAP if Monday doesn’t work for you two and I can reschedule for another day next week. 

I am working on scheduling a company to clean the ducts and vents; the service will likely take place next week as well. I’ll let you both know once it’s confirmed and will plan to be there for the service. I am also having a new address sign and light fixture installed on the front of the house in the coming weeks, but should not need access to the main part of the house. 

Additionally, I will be there to do a walkthrough this evening, as I understand Chelsea has removed all of her items. She has scheduled a bulk trash pick up for July 8th to remove her mattress and the other items from the back of the house.  Did she provide payment for the June utilities or will you contact her once the bills come in to provide payment? By law, I can’t release her security deposit until her portion of the utility bills are paid, so please let me know once they are received. I assume the bills will arrive in the coming weeks.  

Lastly, I’m still working on filling the upstairs 2nd bedroom space. I’m planning to continue showing the space, primarily on weekends, and will try to provide as much advance notice as possible.  Matt, I doubt I’ll need to bring them through the basement, but will let them know about the shared laundry, as they’re viewing the house.  

Quenby, I’ll draw up a new lease agreement once the new person is secured. You’ll go month-to-month in the interim. 

Housekeeping Items

In terms of housekeeping items, Matt (202-910-1521), a nearby neighbor, is available for grasscutting, as needed. The grass should be cut about bi-weekly, as the District assesses fines to homeowners if the grass gets above a certain height. Matt’s rates are very reasonable, although you’re certainly welcome to cut it on your own. 

As a reminder, please be sure to keep the basement drain, patio and outside steps free of debris so that the drains won’t clog. As well, be sure also not to put food in the kitchen drains, as the garbage disposal should only be used for very small tiny scrappings, rather than vegetable peelings, etc. which should go in the trash.  Be mindful also of not allowing hair to go down the sink and toilet drains. I know this can’t be avoided completely, but please do your best.  

I’ll keep you both posted on renting the remaining upstairs space, particularly once I find a suitable candidate.  

I hope you two enjoy the house and rooming together in the coming year! Feel free to contact me via phone (202-236-8366) or e-mail should you have any questions. 


Upon her arrival at the property on July 4th, Ms. Philpott told me I needed to remove all of my belongings from the living room and dining area, so that the cleaners could clean the floor underneath. I told her that my furniture and boxes on the ground floor (common living area), in no way prevented the cleaners from cleaning the house. I additionally, informed Ms. Philpott that the boxes in the dining area were there, because she had not wanted my sister, brother, and his girl-friend to utilize the basement (with two “camping mattresses” to sleep on for 4-nights) the week before, even though the incoming tenant had not yet moved in, and was to move in after my family left.

Ms. Philpott continued to insist that I must move my possessions out from the ground floor, even though my possessions in no way impeded cleaners to access the windows, blinds, molding, closets, doors, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, lighting fixtures, etc. that needed to be cleaned. A few square feet of boxes and furniture on the floor is easily and quickly cleaned (and cleaned around.) Ms. Philpott even contended that she had to cancel cleaning, because they could not clean under the “present conditions.” Then, Ms. Philpott went so far as to ORDER ME, to throw out the mattress and box spring, telling me I was not “allowed” to have it in the house. I told her in no way, shape or form, did she have the right to tell me what furniture I could and could not have in MY HOME. I literally could not believe my ears, when Ms. Philpott ORDERED ME to remove MY PROPERTY from MY HOME. The audacity still makes my blood-boil!


The mattress in question was one that had been abandoned by Ms. Killam in the back of the house for bulk pick-up with a note saying “free.” Since the house is unfurnished, and I do not own any furniture in the USA, nor wish to buy any as my 5000 sq. ft. home in Spain is filled with more furniture than I need. And, since Ms. Philpott has very little likelihood to rent the second upstairs room at the asking price of $950/month, leaving the ground floor with NO furniture what-so-ever; I decided to take the boxes and mattress and make a couch, shelves, a table, lamp, etc. with the items—particularly since I have about 6 boxes filled with papers that needed throwing out, and I believe in recycling.

For over 30 years I have been designing and making jewelry, clothes, furniture, curtains, manual arts with children (see my profile on Linkedin), and certainly have the capabilities, as well as the RIGHT to make paper-mache lamps and tables in my own home if I so desire. For the past 12 months (actually 15 years) I have been working 18-hour-days, 7-days-a-week on my activism work, with no vacations or holidays; fighting for not only my and my children’s rights, but the rights of hundreds of millions of women and children around the world. Taking some time off to do some “manual arts” therapy is certainly within my rights. And, while Ms. Philpott may not agree with my “eco” conscious efforts, and my “art therapy” methods, it is none of her business, nor is it in her right to protest, and even less to initiate malicious eviction and extortionist efforts against me because she does not like me or my furniture—and is frustrated because she has manipulated herself into a situation where she cannot rent out the 2nd upstairs room.

On July 4th, Ms. Philpott so strenuously insisted that I remove the mattress, and throw it away, even telling me I could not keep it because the bulk trash had already been ordered. When I debunked her on that rationalization, telling her “orders can be cancelled,” she claimed the mattress was full of fleas. This is ridiculous. While Ms. Killam’s room did have a stale odor always emanating from it, due to her chemical diet and addiction, I did share a bathroom with her, and she did not possess fleas or other such affliction. (Ms. Killam’s affliction are mainly mental, not physical.) The 2 days that the mattress in question remained upright, in the parking area, and on concrete, helped air out the mattress rather than expose it to any risk of “contamination.” The mattress is in pristine condition, and since I do not want to buy a couch, it will suffice until which time Ms. Philpott finds a new tenant for the upstairs room—who may or may not have furniture. I am in DC to work and lobby the American government, NGOs, and international orgs, and I do not need a furnished house—and I am under no obligation to furnish it according to Ms. Philpott’s instructions.

Ms. Philpott became so insistent and aggressive about me removing the mattress, I told her to please leave the premises. When she refused I told her I would need to call the police, at which point she said she would call the police, and made a call with her phone. I went upstairs for a moment to breath and calm down, and returned telling Ms. Philpott that while we waited for the police I would continue building my shelves, upon which time Ms. Philpott did leave. And, is when I assume she came up with the idea to maliciously attempt to transfer her loss from an unrented room, created by her greed and irresponsible investing, onto me. However, as I stated at the onset, Ms. Philpott has no basis upon which to reclaim additional monies from me, and in doing so she is entering into attempted extortion, with any further action by her, or her legal counsel, towards my eviction, or seizure of assets, escalating the situation to extortion—for which I will file a complaint with appropriate authorities, and seek full prosecution of all implicated parties.

As explained in the blogs for Erin Eddy, The Right to Truth, the Obligation to Protect, and Universal Jurisdiction, and the gross violation of rights in the Arlington courts. It is one thing for lawyers to represent clients, but it is another to aid and abet citizens commit crimes against other citizens.

Additionally, for Ms. Philpott’s to consider, is that her present actions are only strengthening my case against her employer George Washington University (GWU)—a pending law-suit of which she is well aware. As you may note in my blogs Ostriches May Hide Their Heads, But Toads Profit from It All!: Observations of a CSO Rep at the IMF/WB Spring Meetings – Part 15Evil Step-Mothers in the IMF are Supporting the “Penn Ave Quadrant Mafia” (IMF/WB/IFC/GWU): Observations of a CSO Rep at IMF/WB Spring Mtgs – Part 27), and Reclaiming Rights, the Shame Game, et le Monde à l’Envers: Observations of a CSO Rep at IMF/WB Spring Mtgs – Part 38 GWU, my alma mater, is complicit to the socio-economic problems in the USA, as well as corruption in courts, and unstable banking systems globally for their omission of actions. The people at GWU, I have been lobbying in the past decade, but who are too busy playing ostrich to have a clue as to what is happening in the world, are Joan Meier, founder and Director of GWU’s domestic violence clinic (DV LEAP,) Arturo Carullo, Director of the International Human Rights Clinic, Mary Ellsberg, Director of the Global Women’s Institute, Jim Chung, founding Executive Director for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Mike Milken of the Milken Institute and Institute School of Public Health at GWU. As I told Ms. Meier recently, everyone in the courts (and workplace) treat “trophy-wives” and homemakers like the scum of the earth, and parasites on society. However, the real parasites on society are all the “professionals” in who have been milking citizenry of their hard-earned money for decades with their games and manipulations sinking economies and societies further and further into decay.

At present Ms. Philpott has 2 options. She can rent the rooms and basement in her house at fair market value, with the 2 upstairs rooms at $730/month each, and the basement at $1200/month, or she can continue to try to find a tenant for the upstairs room at the asking price of $950/month—and accept the consequence. However, what is certain is that Ms. Philpott is not going to transfer the consequences of her greed and manipulations onto me—and re-victimize me yet again! As I clearly demonstrated even if the room upstairs remains non-rented the entire year, Ms. Philpott is already “ahead” compared to what she would have received in rental income, had she “played it straight.”

Please be informed that any further harassment from Ms. Philpott, by continually seeking false pretexts to access and enter property, or through malicious actions designed to extort money from me; or have me evicted, will necessitate legal action on my part. As has been the case for over 40 years as a tenant, often of million dollar homes as an expat, I have always complied with lease, agreements, and contracts. I have done nothing wrong, but exercise my rights under the lease, and under the law.

In fact, after Ms. Philpott’s malicious actions at present, it is best that she communicates with me through emails, and access the property only under absolute necessity. If Ms. Philpott, or her legal counsel continues with any actions against me I will also be denouncing those actions on www.warondomesticterrorism.com, blogs on Huffington Post and Linkedin, exposing the hypocrisy and abusive practices against tenants in DC by landlords and predatory lawyers. I will also be contacting all of my press contacts around the world, as well as organize demonstrations in protest to what are clearly abusive and illegal landlord/tenant practices.


Quenby Wilcox, Founder, Global Expats, Founder, Safe Child International

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